Wet spots

I’ve been making candles for some time and those who know me well will say I’m a perfectionist when it comes to candles burning correctly. The dreaded glass adhesion/wet spots has been something that has always concerned me. From speaking with many of my friends, they don’t seem to mind the odd ‘blemish’ look of the glass/wax, and larger companies don’t mind either.

So why does it bother me so much? It has no effect on the way the candle is made AND the way it burns! It is that niggling thing that I just can’t seem to solve…..or can I??!! Years of trying different techniques, hot towels, warm surfaces, low temperature pours, insulated bags for jars…….the list is VERY long I think I’ve cracked it. The simple microwave. One day I noticed some of the glass jars were still wet inside (I always wash my jars before I fill them) and water and wax don’t mix. I decided to use the microwave to dry the jars inside, little did I know that a very warm glass jar, warmer than the temperature of the wax, would mean NO WET SPOTS! And voila my niggle of poor glass adhesion and wet spots seems to be resolved.

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